When Life Gives You Lemons!

Now everyone who knows me knows that I have a Southern soul, but the way I take my tea gives my Midwestern roots away every time: unsweet! We’ve all heard the expression, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade!” Well I say, when life gives you lemons, put them in everything, including your iced tea, and of course, on this darling dress that my Grammie got me!

lemon 3

A bright colorful dress always makes me see my glass as half full. Another thing that helps me stay focused on all of the sweet things in life, is a good freebie! Tomorrow, June 10th, is National Iced Tea Day, and to celebrate Teavana is giving away a glass of one of their yummy iced teas FREE! What’s your favorite way to drink iced tea? -PS

lemon 4

Dress: Kohl’s / Shoes: B.O.C.  / Lipstick: Nars / Ring: Pandora


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