Fun Lilly Finds!

To a preppy girl, summer means one thing: LILLY! I’ve already talked about my love of Lilly, but now it’s time to talk about where all that Lilly comes from. My first Lilly purchase was during the After Party sale! I woke up early and was able to snag an adorable shift.


Although I adore the After Party sale, it’s hard for me to wait six months between Lilly splurges. I considered buying some full priced items, but it just isn’t in my budget to spend that much money on clothes that are pretty casual. When I made my first visit to T.J Maxx, I found an adorable Lilly case and a vineyard vines belt. They were each only five dollars!


From that moment, I was hooked! Although there are always great deals, my latest find at TJ Maxx takes the cake! I happened to find this cute strapless top in the clearance section for (wait for it…) TWELVE DOLLARS. I had sticker shock in the best was possible!


I wore this fun little number with jeans to the Premios Juventud and my nude Vince Camuto pumps, which were a steel at just under thirty bucks! For a nice brunch, I would pair this top with white jeans, wedges, and my beautiful baby pink Kate Spade bag.


Another fun way to style this top for a more casual look, like sightseeing (or shopping the After Party sale!!) is by throwing your hair up into a braided ponytail, and pairing it with white shorts and a pair of Jacks!


What’s the best deal you’ve found this summer? –PS

Shirt: TJ Maxx / Purses: Kate Spade & Calvin Klein / Bracelet & Ring: Pandora / Necklaces: Tiffany’s & Etsy


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