Pretty (Powerful) in Pink!

Lately it seems that blush is all the rage, and I couldn’t be happier about it! I am a huge fan of anything that makes me feel like a princess, and this dress fits the bill.


Currently in our society, women are so often told that we must wear dark colors, and pantsuits, or over sexualize our bodies to be powerful. Honestly, this concept perplexes me. If you feel strong in girly clothes, then I encourage you to go for it! While I understand that it feels so difficult in today’s society to stand out and be a powerful young lady, I believe that we don’t need to wear boring clothes to do it. I command respect with my skills, and personality, especially when I’m wearing a dress like this!


So if the only thing holding you back from all things girly is the judgement of others, forget about it! Saying that a woman must emulate a man to be powerful and strong is the wrong mindset. We need to encourage each other to dress in a manner that makes us feel “Pretty Powerful,” in the words of Bobbi Brown.


This girly Lauren Conrad dress is SO me. I’m not sure whether I’m happier about the pale pink color, the light material, or the adorable 3-D flowers! Paired with some fun floral pumps and my gorgeous Kate Spade handbag (which happens to match perfectly) this look just screams confidence!


What is one outfit that makes you feel, “Pretty Powerful?” -PS

Dress: Kohls / Shoes: DSW / Bag: Kate Spade / Watch: Michael Kors / Ring: Pandora


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