{Fall} In Love

Last night as I was trying to come up with a play on words involving Fall for my Instagram post (I know, I know… How basic can I get?!) the phrase that kept popping into my head was, “{fall}ing in love.” While I could write a long post about falling in love with someone else, or even falling in love with this adorable dress, I thought that this would be a great time to talk about something so much more important: Falling in love with yourself. This might sound silly, and maybe come across as narcissistic, but hear me out.


For years, I had trouble accepting who I was as a person, who I was mentally, and what my talents and strengths were. I just didn’t see my value. In the past year, I’ve really started to realize that I am worth so much more than I had been giving myself credit for.


This big shift in my way of thinking happened because I realized that I wasn’t treating my body with respect, or giving it the care and attention that it needed. From not putting enough food into my body, to the way I dressed. I wasn’t dressing like I cared for myself. I would hide behind big sweatshirts and leggings, trying my hardest to blend into the background and not stand out at all, even if that meant not wearing things that I really wanted to wear.


Last Autumn, I made a decision to consciously love myself. This meant taking care of my body by giving it the fuel it needs, and by exercising. Loving myself meant working harder to grow as a musician, and to be confident in my talent and training, as well as accepting compliments instead of dismissing them.  It also meant wearing clothes and makeup that help me feel beautiful, and allow me to express myself. Most recently, loving myself has meant being confident enough to run this blog! It has been a long journey, and I’m still working on it, but I am in a much better place mentally, spiritually, and physically than I was a year ago.


So I encourage you to fall in love with yourself this Fall. It might seem impossible, but it will be one of the wisest decisions you will ever make!

Dress: T.J. Maxx / Shoes: Jack Rogers / Clutch: Marley Lilly / Ring& Bracelet: Pandora 


Wynwood Food Tour!

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to participate in a Miami Culinary Tour of the Wynwood area! For those of you not from South Florida, (or those who like me seldom venture out of their little neighborhood) Wynwood is the hip and artsy section of town. Pretty much every wall is covered in phenomenal street art, and it boasts a young and very cool vibe. I even read an article that called Wynwood a, “Hipster’s Paradise.” Although I would not categorize myself as a hipster, I love art and new experiences, so I was very excited to explore the area! The group I was a part of was asked to meet at the iconic Wynwood Walls, where we met our fabulous tour guide. She gave us a general idea of what we would be eating, as well as a brief but interesting, history of the Wynwood area.


Our first stop was Wynwood Kitchen and Bar, where we got to try a sampling of some yummy Miami comfort food, which included an empanda, sweet plantains with queso fresco, and a tequeno, which is basically the Venezuelan version of a mozzarella stick! What’s not to love about that?!


On the way to our next stop, which was RHouse, we learned some more about the amazing art in the Wynwood area, and got to take a peak at the Wynwood Walls. Although I was sad to have to walk away from all of the beautiful walls, I was quickly soothed by the spread that RHouse had waiting for us. There was a yummy Tuna Tartar, and the most delicious slider ever!


After this, we ventured onward to Pride and Joy. Don’t come into this place expecting anything fancy! This was a very relaxed environment, and on top of some amazing pulled pork, they had some of my favorite oldies playing, which was a nice bonus!


After this, we ventured to the opposite end of the food spectrum: Ceviche, which is one of my all time favorite foods, and SuViche did not disappoint! It was an adorable little spot, and their classic ceviche lived up to my very picky pallet! From the moment we left this spot, I’ve been dreaming about returning to try some different varieties!


Although it was difficult to pull myself away from ceviche paradise, our next stop was by far the most adorable stop on this tour! Made in Italy is such an adorable place to sit down for a snack. Although my palate wasn’t quite sophisticated enough for truffle cheese, the presentation was adorable, and the overall atmosphere was absolutely charming!


After this darling stop, we headed out to Fireman Derek’s Key Lime Pies, which was sadly our last stop. The tour ended on a sweet note with none other than Derek’s famous Key Lime pie! It was such a yummy treat, and the perfect desert for a sweltering Miami afternoon.


Overall, this was an excellent tour! Whether you are local, or visiting Miami, this is a fabulous way to see the city in a new way, try a variety of local foods, and meet interesting new people!


To learn more about the tour I went on, as well as the other amazing tours Miami Culinary Tours has to offer, please check out miamiculinarytours.com!!

Shirt: Gap / Shorts: Lilly Pulitzer / Shoes: Jack Rogers / Necklace: Kendra Scott / Ring: Pandora

Lilly Pulitzer All Nighter Shorts!

Even though I’ve been sick for a couple of days, I’ve been soaking up every last bit of summer, and one of my favorite ways to do that is by wearing some fab Lilly shorts! Some of you might remember these fun shorts from my Instagram post (@MsVictoriaAR) celebrating my last day of being a teenager. These shorts were just crying out to be paired with confetti!

All Nighter5

I had been nervous to buy a pair of Lilly shorts because I wasn’t sure how they would fit, or which model I would like. During the After Party Sale however, I finally took a leap of faith and got two pairs of buttercup shorts!

All Nighter1

The first ones I got were in Pink Colony (be on the lookout for a post about those very soon!) and I actually hadn’t seen this pair my first time around. My mom and I had decided to divide and conquer, and she asked me if I had seen, “the flamingo shorts.” I was confused, since she knew that I had bought another pair, but when she sent me a screenshot, I was ecstatic! I love the print, “All Nighter,” and actually preferred it in a pair of shorts rather than the shift since it is a larger pattern.

All Nighter4

I paired these happy little shorts with my breezy and comfy yellow H&M tank, Jacks, and this absolutely adorable Kendra Scott necklace!!

All Nighter2

What are some of your favorite outfits t squeeze in to the last few days of summer?

Shirt: H&m / Shorts: Lilly Pulitzer / Shoes: Jack Rogers / Necklace: Kendra Scott / Watch: Michael Kors / Ring: Pandora

Wearing White After Labor Day: Yay or Nay?

When it comes to fashion rules, I tend to stick to most of them. Don’t mix patterns, vamp up either the eyes or the lips, semi-formal equates cocktail dresses, while formal means floor length, but the one rule I have never fully grasped is not wearing white after labor day!


It could be because I live in South Florida where seasons are a whimsical fairytale idea, or the fact that pastels are a constant in my wardrobe. Regardless of why this silly rule exists, I’ve been wanting to share this look for a while, so here is my labor day white!!


These crisp white jeans from Gap are so fab! They go great with Lilly tops, and countless other pieces. One of my favorite tops at the moment is this absolutely adorable pastel pink top from brooks brothers. I had always heard good things about Brooks Brothers, but I only recently checked it out for myself. This darling little top was one of the first things to jump out at me. The ruffles on the sleeves are so sweet, and the tiny green polka dots are just to fun!


Besides being totally cute, this top fits me sooo well! As a busty, but short lady, I always have problems with gaping in button-down tops, and my bra showing on the sides in sleeveless shirts. Thankfully, Brooks Brothers carries Petite sizes that work splendidly. All in all, I may have found a new favorite brand ( though I of course can’t pick just one!!)


What white clothes did you rock this Labor Day, or do you even stick to this old school rule? -PS

Jeans: Gap / Top: Brooks Brothers / Shoes: Jack Rogers / Clutch: Marley Lilly / Ring: Pandora