Breezy and In Between-y

Miami has been, “The Twilight Zone,” when it comes to weather these past couple of weeks, or like an old Katy Perry song, “you’re hot then you’re cold!” I unfortunately have seasonal allergies, so inconsistent temperatures usually get me sick, as a singer, that’s no good! I’ve been trying my hardest to stay healthy, and as I’ve been through this before, I’ve picked up a couple of tricks to boost your immune system!


The most important thing is to drink! Before you get excited, I’m talking about water and hot tea! Some of my favorite types of tea have been green tea and Echinacea. Another precautionary measure is gargling salt water. This helps flush out any germs that may be lingering in the back of your throat.


Finally, I make sure to dress warm enough. Even on the warmer days, I have been wearing comfortable and warm clothes. My go to uniform for these in between days has been leggings, a button down, and booties!


This adorable fox shirt from Ann Taylor is nice and cozy without being too warm. This sweet hat, which was a gift from Austria, looked absolutely adorable with this. My Sperry booties and Kate Spade purse rounded off the outfit.


I hope that you are all staying healthy and cozy!


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