Put Some Soul in It!

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of taking my first ever SoulCycle class, thanks to the SoulCycle x Target collaboration. I honestly had such a fabulous time!! I was a high-energy environment that really inspired me to keep going, even though it was a really tough workout!


Now I do have one word of caution regarding SoulCycle. If you’re more petite, be ready for some discomfort. Even on the lowest setting, the seat was too far away from the pedals. The positive side of this is that it encouraged me to stay up off of my seat, which is great for your quads! The other area of discomfort was my knees. I got bruises on the inside of both of my knees from repeatedly colliding with the resistance knob. I would definitely ask if there was any way to avoid this if I was to take another class, as the bruises were painful, and wicked ugly!


Now let’s talk about what I wore! I’ll start off by saying that no, I do not usually wear makeup to workout! I do however like to wear some light makeup and a bold lipstick if I am going to be photographed while working out. If you guys would like to know more about my hair and makeup routine to look photo ready, just let me know! Now on to this super cute outfit! I found this adorable and motivational top, and my bright pink sports bra at target! If you are, “well endowed,” up top, I n-would suggest getting a smaller size! My go to leggings are this comfy cropped Nikes, and my shoes of course are hot pink Asics.


So would I recommend you try out SoulCycle? Absolutely! Be prepared for an intense, fun-filled, full-body workout that will shake up how you see cycling!



A Sweet Valentine’s Day Treat!

There is perhaps nothing more decadent than a luscious ripe strawberry dipped in yummy chocolate. Making these yummy treats has become a Valentine’s Day tradition for me. I started by surprising my mom with some several years ago, and last year I made them for my boyfriend. As Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, I thought I’d share my take on this romantic delicacy.

image (25)

It is an impressive, delicious, healthy, and oh so easy recipe! To make these treats you’ll need some nice sized strawberries (I would recommend Costco’s!) chocolate melts of your choice (I love the Ghirardelli dark chocolate) and some different decorations! Before you get down to the business of making these yummy treats, I would recommend that you set out some bowls with whatever you may be rolling your strawberries in. Sprinkles will look adorable, and pistachio covered ones are to die for!

image 27

Now is where the fun starts! Simply heat up the chocolate in the microwave with a bit of canola oil (that’s what makes them nice and shiny!) One your chocolate is all melted, dip, roll, and repeat! Just one more tip, you should NEVER serve anything that isn’t perfect, so be sure to snack on any that may have gotten messed up somehow 😉 Do you have any yummy Valentine’s Day traditions?

image 26

Happy February!