A Sweet Valentine’s Day Treat!

There is perhaps nothing more decadent than a luscious ripe strawberry dipped in yummy chocolate. Making these yummy treats has become a Valentine’s Day tradition for me. I started by surprising my mom with some several years ago, and last year I made them for my boyfriend. As Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, I thought I’d share my take on this romantic delicacy.

image (25)

It is an impressive, delicious, healthy, and oh so easy recipe! To make these treats you’ll need some nice sized strawberries (I would recommend Costco’s!) chocolate melts of your choice (I love the Ghirardelli dark chocolate) and some different decorations! Before you get down to the business of making these yummy treats, I would recommend that you set out some bowls with whatever you may be rolling your strawberries in. Sprinkles will look adorable, and pistachio covered ones are to die for!

image 27

Now is where the fun starts! Simply heat up the chocolate in the microwave with a bit of canola oil (that’s what makes them nice and shiny!) One your chocolate is all melted, dip, roll, and repeat! Just one more tip, you should NEVER serve anything that isn’t perfect, so be sure to snack on any that may have gotten messed up somehow 😉 Do you have any yummy Valentine’s Day traditions?

image 26

Happy February!


Breezy and In Between-y

Miami has been, “The Twilight Zone,” when it comes to weather these past couple of weeks, or like an old Katy Perry song, “you’re hot then you’re cold!” I unfortunately have seasonal allergies, so inconsistent temperatures usually get me sick, as a singer, that’s no good! I’ve been trying my hardest to stay healthy, and as I’ve been through this before, I’ve picked up a couple of tricks to boost your immune system!


The most important thing is to drink! Before you get excited, I’m talking about water and hot tea! Some of my favorite types of tea have been green tea and Echinacea. Another precautionary measure is gargling salt water. This helps flush out any germs that may be lingering in the back of your throat.


Finally, I make sure to dress warm enough. Even on the warmer days, I have been wearing comfortable and warm clothes. My go to uniform for these in between days has been leggings, a button down, and booties!


This adorable fox shirt from Ann Taylor is nice and cozy without being too warm. This sweet hat, which was a gift from Austria, looked absolutely adorable with this. My Sperry booties and Kate Spade purse rounded off the outfit.


I hope that you are all staying healthy and cozy!

Baby It’s Cold Outside

Miami has finally started to get a little cooler! Yes we know, sixty degrees is by no means cold, but the cooler weather gives us a chance to use some adorable cold weather clothes.


I received this adorable and cozy blanket scarf for Christmas! I first saw this scarf on one of my favorite bloggers, and knew that I would love it.


I’ve always loved scarfs, but I was nervous that since I’m petite a blanket scarf might look a bit overwhelming, but paired with my Joe’s skinny jeans, I found just the right balance!


This beautiful brown Kate Spade handbag was also a Christmas gift, and all I have to say is wow… Be ready for a post all about this bag because it is seriously adorable and so functional! Well I am off to curl up with a good book and a steaming cup of tea. Happy cold front!

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Christmas is truly such an amazing holiday. Although my views may seem archaic and outdated, I truly do focus on Jesus’s birth being the, “reason for the season.” I know that technically He wasn’t born on this day, and that December 25th was originally a pagan holiday, but that doesn’t change what it means to me. Even those that aren’t religious can appreciate the kindness of the season.


Although it can get stressful, and we can loose sight of what it is all about, the heart of Christmas is giving, and giving is such a beautiful thing. This was the first year I was able to pick out and purchase gifts for my loved one’s on my own, and it was honestly ten times better than receiving gifts. I love my family and friends, and having a day set aside to be able to show the that is so very wonderful. Now that my Christmas soliloquy is out of the way, let’s get to my outfit!


This New York and Co. Dress (which happened to be a Christmas present!) is absolutely beautiful! It was very Christmasy, but I believe that it would be beautiful for a romantic Valentin’s Day outing, or a, “Galentin’e Day,” soiree! A chunky pearl necklace and my Jack Rogers flats finished off the outfit perfectly.


I hope that you had a magical holiday season, and that you will try to keep the spirit of Christmas all year long!

Noche Buena!

As most of you know, I have resided in sunny South Florida for most of my life. Miami is predominantly made up of Latinos y Latinas who proudly embrace their culture, and my family has adopted lots of new traditions after being surrounded by so many cultures. One holiday tradition that we absolutely love is Noche Buena which is a Christmas Eve celebration.


I got this beautiful lace dress several months ago and I knew that Noche Buena would be the perfect time to wear it. I absolutely adore the eyelash lace and scalloped details.


I also love these darling Rebeca Minkoff earrings. The giant pearl on the back really makes them such an interesting conversation piece.


My nude Vince Camuto pumps and a pretty up do rounded off the outfit.


I hope that you all had a lovely holiday season, and a Feliz Noche Buena!

2015 Favorites!

2015 has honestly been one of the greatest years of my life! While most people tend to set up a list of expectations for the New Year, and “new year’s resolutions,” I thought I would take a little time to share 13 things that I loved in and about 2015!!

  1. Purses.

I know this is a silly one, but hear me out! In the past had a couple of purses that I would use for very special occasions, but this year I realized how amazing they are, and have started collecting some great classics! Not only are they adorable and stylish, but they hold much more than pockets do! I would recommend every girl get at least one great purse!

  1. Hot Tea

I have always loved hot tea, and this year was no exception! When things got stressful, I would stop and take a moment to breathe while drinking a cup of tea. Some of my favorites have been Pomegranate green tea, and Apple Spice tea!

  1. Disney!!

This year has included soooo many fabulous trips to Disney. I discover something new every time, and always have a blast! Although I’m sad that my annual pass officially expired, this year has held so many beautiful Disney World moments including Flower and Garden Festival, the Glass Slipper Challenge, and of course, my birthday trip!

  1. Coconut Oil.

Coconut oil is seriously amazing! It has cleared up my skin, made my hair silky smooth, and whitened my teeth. If you haven’t tried applying coconut oil to what ails you, I would highly suggest it. Remember Gus Portokalos from My Big Fat Greek Wedding? The guy obsessed with Windex? Yeah that’s how I am about coconut oil!

  1. A Bigger Circle

In the past I have always felt that it was better to have a small group of close knit friends, rather than a large social circle. While I have maintained my life long friendships, I have been expanding my social circle as well. Between new friends from school, and blogger buddies, it has been a year full of wonderful new friends!

  1. Running

After a short hiatus from running, this year I ran a grand total of 19.3 miles in one weekend through Disney! I was reminded of why I love running, and how very good it is for my body. As a singer my body is my instrument, and I have to take excellent care of it! Running plays a huge role in that.

  1. Infused Water

Speaking of taking care of my body, this year I have discovered a secret that has helped me to stay hydrated: Infused water! Water infused with any fruit is delicious, but a personal favorite of mine is the combination of strawberry and lemon.

  1. Opera

Although I have always loved opera, this past year I have really been diving deeper into my love of this underappreciated art form. I have been attending more operas, listening to more operas, and delving deeper into my study of opera. I think everyone should give opera a shot, because it is such a wonderful and unique cultural experience.

  1. Challenges

2015 held lots of challenging moments, and I appreciated every one of them! Between the running the longest distances I have to date, to learning some very challenging and lengthy repertoire, I’ve had so many opportunities to grow. As I go into a year that I’m sure will hold many challenges, I’m going to remind myself of how much the difficult moments in my past have helped me grow.

  1. Learning

Like every year I have learned so much this year. Between my core classes like Music History and Statistics, my voice lessons, and deep introspective thinking, I have learned a ton, and have much more to learn this upcoming year.

  1. This Blog!

I am soooo proud of myself for sticking with this blog! It has been a terrifying and thrilling rollercoaster. I would like to thank everyone who has supported me on this journey, especially my photographer and number one fan, my mom! I look forward to new opportunities and lots of fun posts in 2016!

  1. Friends

My friends have been so amazing this year. The support I have received from them is overwhelming, and I am so thankful for each one of them. Whether new or old, you have all helped me to stay focused on my goals, and also helped me realize that sometimes I need to take a break.

  1. Family

I have a vey tight knit family. Every year as I grow older, I understand more and more how much my family loves me, and the sacrifices they have made for me. This year have remained flexible during the holidays, been oh so patient as I took pictures for this blog, and loved me unconditionally. Thank you all for your love and support.

image (21)

I hope that you all had a wonderful 2015, and as you look forward to a bright new year, I encourage you to take some time to be thankful for 2015! I’d love to hear some of your highlights from 2015!

Fa-la-la-la Festive!

Everyone has a favorite holiday tradition. For some it is baking cookies, or watching, “A Christmas Story,” for the millionth time. My favorite part of the Christmas season is all of the fun holiday parties


There is nothing more fun than putting on a festive dress, some heels, and red lipstick! This is one of my favorite go to holiday party looks! Curls just scream Christmas to me, and so does the color red.


This Lands End dress is oh so elegant and super comfy, which makes it the perfect party dress. This darling sparkly pearl necklace from J. Crew makes the outfit oh so chic, and the heels give you the perfect lift!

IMG_6521 (2)

Wishing you all a happy holiday season, and don’t forget to stay fa-la-la-la festive!

Bows Pearls and Plaid

Although this week has been, “the most stressful time of the year,” as it has been finals week, I’m so happy that it is almost Christmas time!


Nothing says, “Happy holidays,” quite like this darling little red dress! I decided to wrap it up with a bow belt, because it truly felt like a gift when I found it! I actually found this dress over the summer, but I knew it would make a great Christmas dress!


The moral of the story is to think big picture when you try on clothes. You never know when you’ll find the perfect dress in the wrong season!


I hope that everyone is surviving finals week, and that you’ll find a bit of holiday cheer during, “the most stressful week of the year!”

Farewell Fall!

As it is the first week of December, I realize that it’s time to exchange my Fall outfits for my favorite festive wintery clothes, but before I do, I have to share what may just be my absolute favorite fall dress, as well as the story behind the rustic display in my backyard.


My family’s roots are in rural Illinois, but they have lived all over the world. From India to Spain to South America, and finally, Miami. While my uncle was in town for Thanksgiving, he helped me put up a few items we brought with us from my Great-grandfather’s farm. The hardest part of this project was digging out enough dirt to put the pump into the ground. In the end, it came together wonderfully, and is a beautiful reminder of my roots, and that hard work is always worth it.


Now onto this fabulous outfit! This Lush dress from Nordstrom is sooo cute, and because the material is so light it is perfect for a warm Miami Fall. I did have to tack the front together to avoid a severe wardrobe malfunction, but I adore the keyhole that perfectly frames my monogram necklace. My Jack Rogers flats are the perfect fall flat, and have been one of my favorites all season!


So say goodbye to fall foliage, and hello to the cozy Christmas season!