Farewell Fall!

As it is the first week of December, I realize that it’s time to exchange my Fall outfits for my favorite festive wintery clothes, but before I do, I have to share what may just be my absolute favorite fall dress, as well as the story behind the rustic display in my backyard.


My family’s roots are in rural Illinois, but they have lived all over the world. From India to Spain to South America, and finally, Miami. While my uncle was in town for Thanksgiving, he helped me put up a few items we brought with us from my Great-grandfather’s farm. The hardest part of this project was digging out enough dirt to put the pump into the ground. In the end, it came together wonderfully, and is a beautiful reminder of my roots, and that hard work is always worth it.


Now onto this fabulous outfit! This Lush dress from Nordstrom is sooo cute, and because the material is so light it is perfect for a warm Miami Fall. I did have to tack the front together to avoid a severe wardrobe malfunction, but I adore the keyhole that perfectly frames my monogram necklace. My Jack Rogers flats are the perfect fall flat, and have been one of my favorites all season!


So say goodbye to fall foliage, and hello to the cozy Christmas season!


A Week Full of Thanks

In this week spent thinking of things to be thankful for, I have realized that there are some things that are really easy to be thankful for such as, pretty clothes, lovely people, and yummy food! Other things are not so easy to be grateful for. Today I’m writing about something very important that I often complain about, when really it is such a blessing: being busy!


I often complain about having no down time between school, blogging, meet-ups, performances, college applications, work, and auditions, but these are all wonderful things. Everything that’s stressing me out right now is getting me one step closer to achieving my goals, and that is a wonderful thing! I am so grateful that everything I want to achieve in life requires hard work because in this world full of instant gratification, there is also little satisfaction, and I know that my hard work will all be worth it in the end.


The perfect illustration of this would be the Princess Half Marathon.I had been dreaming about this race for years, even before I was old enough to actually register for it! Running it was a dream come true, but training was NOT. I had moments where I seriously thought I wouldn’t be able to finish the race, but once we got there, I ran the entire 10 k and only walked a couple of miles during the half! Even if you aren’t the most athletic person in the world, I suggest you do at least one race that really inspires you, because it will change you as a person.

IMG_6029 (2)

I am thankful for the many hours I’ve spent practicing, writing, taking pictures, studying, and working hard! I hope that you will take the time to stop and think about what a blessing it s to be able to work towards accomplishing your dreams, while some people can only work towards staying alive. With this in mind, continue working hard, and help those around you work hard as well!

Sparkle and Shine Darling!

I am very happy to announce that one of the most wonderful stores to call Miami home is officially open to the public: Mrs. Adrienne Bosh’s Sparkle and Shine Darling Boutique!


I was lucky enough to attend one of the fabulous pre-opening events this past Friday. I had heard a bit about the store before attending this event and knew that my precious pink seersucker dress would fit in perfectly! I paired it with my nude Vince Camuto pumps, and of course a sparkly headband to match the very name of the store.


I often imagine places that I have not yet been to as being more spectacular than they really are, but this was NOT the case! As soon as I entered the boutique and saw fluffy tulle skirts on glittery hangers, I knew that I would be coming back frequently! The store is home to a variety of amazing brands and wonderful statement pieces for both your home and wardrobe.


If you can drag yourself away from the merchandise, you’ll have a sweet surprise awaiting you. There is a darling little cafe where you can grab a few macrons to perk you up after a rambunctious shopping spree!


Just when it seemed like this place couldn’t get any better, I stumbled upon the party room! Yes you read that correctly. I reverted into my five year old self when I walked into this amazing space. From the glittery pink walls to the Wonderlandesqu landscape, I was ecstatic. I seriously think I may need to throw my next birthday party here!


If you are in Miami, I would highly recommend that you stop by! I know that I will definitely be going back to my favorite girly spot in the very near future!


Be sure to let me know what you think about the store if you stop by!

Find out more about this fabulous store here!

Dress: Ann Taylor / Shoes: Vince Camuto / Watch: Michael Kors / Rings: Pandora

The Great Pumpkin!

“Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin,” has got to be my favorite fall movie! It makes a fun annual experience something magical, and very, “Charlie Brown.” Over the weekend, I got to visit one of the many pumpkin patches in my area to find my own Great Pumpkin!


This adorable scalloped navy dress is comfy enough for a trip to the pumpkin patch, and pretty enough for brunch with friends! It worked perfectly with my Kate Spade bag and Jack Rogers flats.


I have been loving this big bun these past couple of weeks. It’s a perfect hassle free way to keep your hair out of your face while still looking fabulous and put together!


What is your favorite fall activity?

Dress: TJ Maxx / Shoes: Jack Rogers / Bag: Kate Spade / Necklace: J. Crew

Fall Fridays!

Even though I live in sunny South Florida, autumn and winter are by far my favorite seasons! For those of you who like me are Northern souls who love fall but live in a warm environment, I’ve got some ideas for how to make it feel like fall, even when it’s 80 degrees outside! One of the easiest ways to get into the fall spirit, is switching up your color palette. While I usually rock pink and pastels, in the fall I opt for warmer colors (although I did manage to sneak some blush into my fall looks!) If you don’t have the resources to buy a whole new wardrobe for fall, an easy and relatively inexpensive way to change-up your color scheme is with some wine colored nail polish and lipstick!


If you’re anything like me, you need a piping hot drink in your system before your day can begin.In the summer months I usually opt for hot lemon water or a green tea after my first cup of Joe so I don’t drink tooooo much caffeine during the day. In the fall months, I switch it up by drinking a pumpkin spice or apple cider flavored tea. I’m not big on PSLs, but the pumpkin spice tea gives off all of the yummy autumnal smells, without being overly sweet, and it’s 0 calories!


Another one of my absolute faaaaavorite ways to celebrate fall, is by lighting a yummy fall scented candle! In addition to smelling great, the cozy glow gives my house a very Autumnal vibe.


How do you get into the fall spirit?

{Fall}ing for Blush

When thinking about fall colors, the usual suspects are Merlot, Olive, burnt orange, and Garnet. Although I absolutely adore the Autumn color wheel, I’m a girl who needs a little pink in her life, no matter what season! So how exactly can we incorporate pink into our fall outfits? One word: blush!


If you haven’t noticed by now, I think this blush trend is basically the best thing ever. I’ve always said that pink goes with everything, and now the fashion industry finally agrees with me! I adore how olive and blush look together, so I knew my Simply Vera skirt from Kohls world work perfectly with my favorite Kate Spade bag.


My fall floral top from H&M tied the look together perfectly! This pair of Jack Rogers flats and this pretty gold laurel headband were just what I needed to complete the look.


You can check out how I styled blush in the Spring and Summer as well!

What summer color do you sneak into fall?-PS

Top: H&M / Skirt: Kohls / Ring& Bracelet: Pandora / Purse: Kate Spade / Headband: Urban Outfitters / Shoes: Jack Rogers

{Fall} In Love

Last night as I was trying to come up with a play on words involving Fall for my Instagram post (I know, I know… How basic can I get?!) the phrase that kept popping into my head was, “{fall}ing in love.” While I could write a long post about falling in love with someone else, or even falling in love with this adorable dress, I thought that this would be a great time to talk about something so much more important: Falling in love with yourself. This might sound silly, and maybe come across as narcissistic, but hear me out.


For years, I had trouble accepting who I was as a person, who I was mentally, and what my talents and strengths were. I just didn’t see my value. In the past year, I’ve really started to realize that I am worth so much more than I had been giving myself credit for.


This big shift in my way of thinking happened because I realized that I wasn’t treating my body with respect, or giving it the care and attention that it needed. From not putting enough food into my body, to the way I dressed. I wasn’t dressing like I cared for myself. I would hide behind big sweatshirts and leggings, trying my hardest to blend into the background and not stand out at all, even if that meant not wearing things that I really wanted to wear.


Last Autumn, I made a decision to consciously love myself. This meant taking care of my body by giving it the fuel it needs, and by exercising. Loving myself meant working harder to grow as a musician, and to be confident in my talent and training, as well as accepting compliments instead of dismissing them.  It also meant wearing clothes and makeup that help me feel beautiful, and allow me to express myself. Most recently, loving myself has meant being confident enough to run this blog! It has been a long journey, and I’m still working on it, but I am in a much better place mentally, spiritually, and physically than I was a year ago.


So I encourage you to fall in love with yourself this Fall. It might seem impossible, but it will be one of the wisest decisions you will ever make!

Dress: T.J. Maxx / Shoes: Jack Rogers / Clutch: Marley Lilly / Ring& Bracelet: Pandora