Baby It’s Cold Outside

Miami has finally started to get a little cooler! Yes we know, sixty degrees is by no means cold, but the cooler weather gives us a chance to use some adorable cold weather clothes.


I received this adorable and cozy blanket scarf for Christmas! I first saw this scarf on one of my favorite bloggers, and knew that I would love it.


I’ve always loved scarfs, but I was nervous that since I’m petite a blanket scarf might look a bit overwhelming, but paired with my Joe’s skinny jeans, I found just the right balance!


This beautiful brown Kate Spade handbag was also a Christmas gift, and all I have to say is wow… Be ready for a post all about this bag because it is seriously adorable and so functional! Well I am off to curl up with a good book and a steaming cup of tea. Happy cold front!


Wearing White After Labor Day: Yay or Nay?

When it comes to fashion rules, I tend to stick to most of them. Don’t mix patterns, vamp up either the eyes or the lips, semi-formal equates cocktail dresses, while formal means floor length, but the one rule I have never fully grasped is not wearing white after labor day!


It could be because I live in South Florida where seasons are a whimsical fairytale idea, or the fact that pastels are a constant in my wardrobe. Regardless of why this silly rule exists, I’ve been wanting to share this look for a while, so here is my labor day white!!


These crisp white jeans from Gap are so fab! They go great with Lilly tops, and countless other pieces. One of my favorite tops at the moment is this absolutely adorable pastel pink top from brooks brothers. I had always heard good things about Brooks Brothers, but I only recently checked it out for myself. This darling little top was one of the first things to jump out at me. The ruffles on the sleeves are so sweet, and the tiny green polka dots are just to fun!


Besides being totally cute, this top fits me sooo well! As a busty, but short lady, I always have problems with gaping in button-down tops, and my bra showing on the sides in sleeveless shirts. Thankfully, Brooks Brothers carries Petite sizes that work splendidly. All in all, I may have found a new favorite brand ( though I of course can’t pick just one!!)


What white clothes did you rock this Labor Day, or do you even stick to this old school rule? -PS

Jeans: Gap / Top: Brooks Brothers / Shoes: Jack Rogers / Clutch: Marley Lilly / Ring: Pandora

Turning Twenty!

As I approached the big 2-0 I’ve been feeling such a strange mix of emotions. One half of me feels like this is rather impossible. Didn’t I just get my braces off? Wasn’t my bang phase just last week?! It’s really kind of insane how old 20 seems. I’ve been dealing with some of my usual, “Pre-Birthday Anxiety,” which has crept up on me since the year I turned 15. Let me explain what exactly my PBA is. Basically I’ve always been a perfectionist. I had a set plan for my life and a schedule to stick to. I set really lofty and sort of insane goals for myself when I was a little girl. I was supposed to be driving, get a boyfriend, and wearing makeup daily when I was sixteen. I still don’t have my licence, and have only taken to wearing makeup the past couple of years.


Then I was supposed to get married by eighteen… What on earth was I thinking?! I met my boyfriend right after turning 19. He is so amazing and I’m so lucky to have found such a sweet boy, but we aren’t in a hurry to get hitched. We understand that our education is so important, and we are enjoying dating each other. Speaking of education, so many of what I thought were shortcomings have to do with education. I was supposed to be out of the house and living in a cool apartment somewhere by now. I went to a big state university when I was 17, and I hated it. I became very sad and unmotivated, and at one point even music seemed pointless. I wasn’t attending church and felt very alone. I came home and have been attending my local college. While this felt like a failure in my eyes, it has been so good for me! I have a job at a beautiful church, I am president of an amazing choir, and I have made so many fantastic friends. I may not have achieved my crazy goals in the time period I used to think was appropriate, but I am SO proud of who I am. I am a strong woman who survived and grew from her sadness. I am a published author of poetry and prose. I am an award-winning young soprano. I am a loving and compassionate friend.


So why did I write this? I wrote this for everyone who has read “20 things you should do before…” or “15 must dos by..” article. Don’t give yourself absolutes. Create attainable goals that mean something. Becoming me has been a long journey. There were moments I thought that I couldn’t continue. That life was too hard. But those moments of sadness and self-doubt, are dwarfed by the number of times I have been overwhelmed by how God has blessed me. Sunsets, Disney World fireworks, running barefoot in the snow. Going on a mission trip was totally not in my original plan, but it was a life altering experience, and better than what my plan was.Thank you to my family for passing on your values and guiding me down the right path. Thank you to my friends for opening up my eyes to new points of view. Thank you to those who have been less than kind for building up my resilience. Basically, thank you to anyone who has had any involvement in my life! Although the fact that I hit the two decade mark today is still daunting, I am all in all very proud of who I am, and who I am in the process of becoming! -PS


Skirt: Vineyard Vines / Shirt: Gap / Watch: Michael Kors / Shoes: Vince Camuto / Ring: Pandora 

First Day of School

The first day of school has always been one of the most exciting days of the year for me, (once I’ve had my coffee) and this year is no exception! There is something so thrilling about the prospect of learning new things, and meeting new people.


I know that not everyone feels the same way. In high school, I used to dread the first day back to school. It wasn’t the classes, or even the teachers, it was my fear of not, “fitting in.” I have always loved learning, and that will never change.  The older I got, the more I realized that there is honestly a social group for everyone. I may have a type-A personality, be choir president, and adore literature, but that doesn’t mean I’m weird, and neither are you!


This year, I encourage you to embrace your individuality, no matter how difficult that may be. Believe me when I say the world is so much more than who you hung out with in Middle and High School, or even college! So get out there and learn not just in the classroom, but in everything you do!



 Skirt: Tommy Hilfiger / Shirt: Gap / Shoes: Jacks / Ring: Pandora

Disney Tips and Tricks!

Since I am headed out to The Happiest Place on Earth once again with my best friend, Skye, I thought it was high time I did a post about Walt Disney World! Disney is just about my favorite place on Earth:  from the exciting rides, to the yummy food, and the truly magical atmosphere! As a seasoned annual pass holder, I believe it is my duty to share some insider knowledge that I wish I had known for my first trip to Magic Kingdom.


So without further ado, here are some tips to make your trip to The Happiest Place on Earth the happiest it can be!!

  1. If you are visiting any of the Disney Parks for a special occasion, such as a birthday or anniversary, be sure to stop by the guest relations area! They will give you a complementary personalized pin! It’s so fun to get, “Happy Birthday!” from other guests and cast members!
  2. Most of the restaurants will give you complementary ice water regardless of whether you are purchasing a meal or not. While Orlando water isn’t the tastiest, in the summer months, it is vital to stay hydrated. This is good to know because often people will spend lots of money on bottled water when they don’t really need to. Save that cash for some ears!!
  3. Fast passes are awesome! You can have up to three fast passes at a time, so make sure to snag the fast passes for your favorite ride first! (I would personally recommend the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train!) If you are staying at a Disney Resort, you can schedule your fast passes ahead of time!
  4. Bring ponchos! Yes, they are available for purchase at the parks, but once again, you may want to save your money for more exciting things (like the yummy caramel apples!)
  5. Finally, take a picture in front of the Castle first thing. I know everyone is so excited to get to the rides and start having a magical day, but you will want pictures to remember the magic! You can ask the Disney photographers to take a picture with your camera and/ or phone. Taking the classic castle picture first thing ensures everyone will have smiling faces!


These are just five of sooo many tips to help you have a magical adventure! In the words of a famous mouse, “See ya real soon!” -PS


Dress: Gap / Hat: Marley Lilly / Shoes: B.O.C / Ring: Pandora

Monogrammed Madness!!

Every preppy girl knows that a monogram goes with just about anything, and I’m no exception! From clutches to jewelry and everything in between.


One of my favorite pieces is my wide-brimmed Derby hat. In sunny South Florida, it’s so important to protect yourself from the sun, and this hat always saves the day! What’s your favorite monogrammed item? -PSDSC00643

Hat & clutch: Marley Lilly / Pink dress (similar) : Gap / White dress: Old Navy / Ring: Pandora