Wearing White After Labor Day: Yay or Nay?

When it comes to fashion rules, I tend to stick to most of them. Don’t mix patterns, vamp up either the eyes or the lips, semi-formal equates cocktail dresses, while formal means floor length, but the one rule I have never fully grasped is not wearing white after labor day!


It could be because I live in South Florida where seasons are a whimsical fairytale idea, or the fact that pastels are a constant in my wardrobe. Regardless of why this silly rule exists, I’ve been wanting to share this look for a while, so here is my labor day white!!


These crisp white jeans from Gap are so fab! They go great with Lilly tops, and countless other pieces. One of my favorite tops at the moment is this absolutely adorable pastel pink top from brooks brothers. I had always heard good things about Brooks Brothers, but I only recently checked it out for myself. This darling little top was one of the first things to jump out at me. The ruffles on the sleeves are so sweet, and the tiny green polka dots are just to fun!


Besides being totally cute, this top fits me sooo well! As a busty, but short lady, I always have problems with gaping in button-down tops, and my bra showing on the sides in sleeveless shirts. Thankfully, Brooks Brothers carries Petite sizes that work splendidly. All in all, I may have found a new favorite brand ( though I of course can’t pick just one!!)


What white clothes did you rock this Labor Day, or do you even stick to this old school rule? -PS

Jeans: Gap / Top: Brooks Brothers / Shoes: Jack Rogers / Clutch: Marley Lilly / Ring: Pandora


First Day of School

The first day of school has always been one of the most exciting days of the year for me, (once I’ve had my coffee) and this year is no exception! There is something so thrilling about the prospect of learning new things, and meeting new people.


I know that not everyone feels the same way. In high school, I used to dread the first day back to school. It wasn’t the classes, or even the teachers, it was my fear of not, “fitting in.” I have always loved learning, and that will never change.  The older I got, the more I realized that there is honestly a social group for everyone. I may have a type-A personality, be choir president, and adore literature, but that doesn’t mean I’m weird, and neither are you!


This year, I encourage you to embrace your individuality, no matter how difficult that may be. Believe me when I say the world is so much more than who you hung out with in Middle and High School, or even college! So get out there and learn not just in the classroom, but in everything you do!



 Skirt: Tommy Hilfiger / Shirt: Gap / Shoes: Jacks / Ring: Pandora

Disney Tips and Tricks!

Since I am headed out to The Happiest Place on Earth once again with my best friend, Skye, I thought it was high time I did a post about Walt Disney World! Disney is just about my favorite place on Earth:  from the exciting rides, to the yummy food, and the truly magical atmosphere! As a seasoned annual pass holder, I believe it is my duty to share some insider knowledge that I wish I had known for my first trip to Magic Kingdom.


So without further ado, here are some tips to make your trip to The Happiest Place on Earth the happiest it can be!!

  1. If you are visiting any of the Disney Parks for a special occasion, such as a birthday or anniversary, be sure to stop by the guest relations area! They will give you a complementary personalized pin! It’s so fun to get, “Happy Birthday!” from other guests and cast members!
  2. Most of the restaurants will give you complementary ice water regardless of whether you are purchasing a meal or not. While Orlando water isn’t the tastiest, in the summer months, it is vital to stay hydrated. This is good to know because often people will spend lots of money on bottled water when they don’t really need to. Save that cash for some ears!!
  3. Fast passes are awesome! You can have up to three fast passes at a time, so make sure to snag the fast passes for your favorite ride first! (I would personally recommend the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train!) If you are staying at a Disney Resort, you can schedule your fast passes ahead of time!
  4. Bring ponchos! Yes, they are available for purchase at the parks, but once again, you may want to save your money for more exciting things (like the yummy caramel apples!)
  5. Finally, take a picture in front of the Castle first thing. I know everyone is so excited to get to the rides and start having a magical day, but you will want pictures to remember the magic! You can ask the Disney photographers to take a picture with your camera and/ or phone. Taking the classic castle picture first thing ensures everyone will have smiling faces!


These are just five of sooo many tips to help you have a magical adventure! In the words of a famous mouse, “See ya real soon!” -PS


Dress: Gap / Hat: Marley Lilly / Shoes: B.O.C / Ring: Pandora

Hidden Treasure!

To everyone who doesn’t live in Miami, Miami seems like a city that is constantly in party mode. When people visit Miami, they without a doubt visit Miami Beach. While Ocean and 1st is home to a lovely beach, it is always crowded and tends to be the gathering place for a host of colorful characters. Although Miami Beach isn’t the place for me, I’m basically a mermaid! I love the ocean, and everything about a day at the beach! My go to beach spot is Bill Baggs State Park.


The beach here tends to be a lot calmer than the hustle and bustle on Miami Beach. In addition to this, there are tons of activities for people who might not love the sand and surf as much as I do! The biggest attraction is the lighthouse! As a history geek, I loved reading all about this historic structure. It was built in 1825, and is the oldest standing structure in Miami! Even if you aren’t into history, it’s exciting to climb up the lighthouse and look out over the beautiful ocean.


Another great thing about Bill Baggs, is that it boasts an incredible nature trail. There are several nature trails to explore throughout the park, but my favorite is the oceanfront one. It’s a couple of miles long, and at the right time of day, you can enjoy the shade of the trees while still being near the ocean.


The final draw to this spot that I will mention is the food! I do not generally enjoy cooked fish, as I am more of a sushi girl, but the grilled snapper sandwich at the lighthouse café is fabulous! My mom and I found it by accident. We couldn’t find food before we got to the beach, and were getting a bit hangry.


Then we hit the jackpot! At 9.99, the grilled snapper sandwich is a steal. The fish gets a wonderful golden color and is served on delicious Cuban bread. Pair that with rice and beans, and I’m in heaven! The restaurant also offers fresh squeezed juices, (pineapple is my favorite!) and some different deserts.


For this particular day, I decided to wear another one of my flowy poplin dresses and of course, my monogrammed sun hat! Whether you are planning on visiting Miami, or you are a local who hasn’t found this gem yet, I would definitely recommend visiting, “the lighthouse beach,” as my family calls it!


What’s a hidden treasure in your city?

Dress: Old Navy / Hat& Clutch: Marley Lilly / Sandals: Gap / Sunglasses: Smith  / Ring: Pandora

Fourth of July Festivities!

For this all American sweetheart, Independence Day is the one holiday that really screams summer! From all of the red, white, and blue, to barbeques, it’s such a fun day! The Fourth of July is also a day when we should all take a step back and remember the struggles this country has endured to gain its freedom.


I started off the day with a yummy strawberry and pineapple smoothie, since the U.S.A. is the pine{apple} of my eye! Lea and I came up with the idea of serving our smoothies in a hollowed out pineapple after our trip to Key West. We were tempted to buy some sugary drinks just because they were adorable, but decided we could do it just as well ourselves. I’m here to tell you, hollowing out a pineapple without a pineapple corer is no easy task! We added patriotic straws for a fun touch, and voila!


Of course no Fourth of July is complete with out a little pyro action, so we headed down to the lake to enjoy the beautiful fireworks display my community puts on every year. Then we had some real fun! I had seen other people write messages with sparklers and was dying to try it out, so I grabbed a candle, a few sparklers, my mom and her camera, and a couple of friends to try my hand at it. After a couple of test shots, we got a pretty adorable and patriotic result!


Although my normal color palate consists of pink, I always dress for holidays, and Saturday was no exception! I gave a little nod to Disney with this ensemble, as my skirt has fun little hidden Mickeys on it!


This item will definitely be a repeat offender! I added a tied up navy top, my jacks, some pearls and a monogrammed necklace, and was all set for the most important part of any outfit: testing its twirlability!


How did you, “keep your eye on the grand old flag,” this Fourth of July? –PS

Skirt& Top: Kohl’s / Shoes: Jack Rogers / Nails: O.P.I. / Lips: NARs / Ring: Pandora

Monogrammed Madness!!

Every preppy girl knows that a monogram goes with just about anything, and I’m no exception! From clutches to jewelry and everything in between.


One of my favorite pieces is my wide-brimmed Derby hat. In sunny South Florida, it’s so important to protect yourself from the sun, and this hat always saves the day! What’s your favorite monogrammed item? -PSDSC00643

Hat & clutch: Marley Lilly / Pink dress (similar) : Gap / White dress: Old Navy / Ring: Pandora