Bonita Beach

Recently I’ve been working on my time management and trying to get my posts together on time. I know it was quite a few weeks ago, but I’m going to be blogging about my wonderful Memorial Day getaway! I spent my long weekend at the, “bonita,” Bonita Beach!


One of the exciting activities we did was go on a dolphin sighting day cruise! It was an amazing experience as dolphins are my favorite animal. For this part of our adventure, I wore a denim shorts outfit with my wonderful Sperrys!


We then spend most of the remaining time at the beach. I was so excited to finally get to wear my Lilly for Target bikini in “Fan Dance.” I was in my Vineyard Vines baseball cap basically the whole weekend!


Finally, we got to enjoy the astonishing sunset. For this, I wore another one of my favorite comfy poplin dresses from Old Navy! After watching the sunset, I could see why they called this beach, “bonita,” which is Spanish for beautiful!


What did you do for Memorial Day? -PS

Dress&Shirt: Old Navy / Hat: Vineyard Vines / Shoes: Sperrys  Bikini: Target / Ring: Pandora


Hidden Treasure!

To everyone who doesn’t live in Miami, Miami seems like a city that is constantly in party mode. When people visit Miami, they without a doubt visit Miami Beach. While Ocean and 1st is home to a lovely beach, it is always crowded and tends to be the gathering place for a host of colorful characters. Although Miami Beach isn’t the place for me, I’m basically a mermaid! I love the ocean, and everything about a day at the beach! My go to beach spot is Bill Baggs State Park.


The beach here tends to be a lot calmer than the hustle and bustle on Miami Beach. In addition to this, there are tons of activities for people who might not love the sand and surf as much as I do! The biggest attraction is the lighthouse! As a history geek, I loved reading all about this historic structure. It was built in 1825, and is the oldest standing structure in Miami! Even if you aren’t into history, it’s exciting to climb up the lighthouse and look out over the beautiful ocean.


Another great thing about Bill Baggs, is that it boasts an incredible nature trail. There are several nature trails to explore throughout the park, but my favorite is the oceanfront one. It’s a couple of miles long, and at the right time of day, you can enjoy the shade of the trees while still being near the ocean.


The final draw to this spot that I will mention is the food! I do not generally enjoy cooked fish, as I am more of a sushi girl, but the grilled snapper sandwich at the lighthouse café is fabulous! My mom and I found it by accident. We couldn’t find food before we got to the beach, and were getting a bit hangry.


Then we hit the jackpot! At 9.99, the grilled snapper sandwich is a steal. The fish gets a wonderful golden color and is served on delicious Cuban bread. Pair that with rice and beans, and I’m in heaven! The restaurant also offers fresh squeezed juices, (pineapple is my favorite!) and some different deserts.


For this particular day, I decided to wear another one of my flowy poplin dresses and of course, my monogrammed sun hat! Whether you are planning on visiting Miami, or you are a local who hasn’t found this gem yet, I would definitely recommend visiting, “the lighthouse beach,” as my family calls it!


What’s a hidden treasure in your city?

Dress: Old Navy / Hat& Clutch: Marley Lilly / Sandals: Gap / Sunglasses: Smith  / Ring: Pandora

Key West Adventures!

Summer is all about flowy sundresses, drippy ice-cream cones, and spontaneous adventures with friends. This weekend, one of my best friends, Lea, my mom, and I, made our way down to Key West!


In the 15 years we’ve lived in Miami, we’d always talked about driving down there, but never actually made it until this point. Since Key West is about 3 hours away, we decided we’d leave early in the morning, and head home after sunset. Upon arrival, I instantaneously fell in love with the pastel color pallet of the island homes.


We visited all of the highlights, of course including the Southernmost Point in the U.S. as well as the Hemingway house!


Our adventurous and scorching hot day ended with some yummy ice-cream, and a beautiful sunset.


For our exciting day, I decided on this comfy and cute poplin dress from Old Navy.Though I rarely shop at Old Navy, I couldn’t resist this fun print when I spotted it through the window! I added a tiny Dutch braid to the front of my hair to act as a natural headband, threw on some white sandals and was ready to go!


What has been your favorite summer adventure so far? –PS

Dress: Old Navy (similar) / Shoes: B.O.C / Ring: Pandora

Monogrammed Madness!!

Every preppy girl knows that a monogram goes with just about anything, and I’m no exception! From clutches to jewelry and everything in between.


One of my favorite pieces is my wide-brimmed Derby hat. In sunny South Florida, it’s so important to protect yourself from the sun, and this hat always saves the day! What’s your favorite monogrammed item? -PSDSC00643

Hat & clutch: Marley Lilly / Pink dress (similar) : Gap / White dress: Old Navy / Ring: Pandora